The Institutions and the organizations, at national and international level, which the Foundation collaborates with, are:

  • Administrations of the State, recipient of initiatives to high technological content, but also of studies of scene for the development and the satisfaction of the formation requirements;
  • University, as promoter of the scientific research and integrated technology to the advanced formation;
  • Institutes of national and international scientific research, for the activities of monitoring, documentation and transfer of the innovation;
  • Enterprises of big, small and medium dimensions, as far as the exploitation and the production of the technological innovation;
  • Over-national organisms like the European Commission, in order to define the lines of tendency of the development of the technologies and their employment.

To drive its activities the Foundation has established a network of several collaborations both with prestigious Institutes and Italian and foreign Agencies, like:

  • CEC Joint Research Centre Seville (ES)
  • Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri
  • National Research Council - Office Transfer Innovation and Technical Norm
  • National Research Council - Southern Italy Plan
  • National Research Council - Institute of research on the scientific documentation
  • Ministry of the Instruction, the University and the Research
  • Department of Justice
  • Ministry of Finances
  • Ministry of the Atmosphere and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea
  • Campania Region - Councillorship to the University and scientific Search, technological innovation and new economy, arranges informed and statistics to you.
  • University of Rome “Sapienza”
  • University of Rome “Tor Vergata”